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Pulmonary Disease: Prognosis-Based, Symptoms-Based or Needs-Based? REVIEW Palliative Care Initiation in Chronic Obstructive

The barriers in offering timely integrated PC services to COPD patients are complex. Despite the identification of validated prognostic variables and multidimensional indices, none of them are sufficiently reliable to predict survival and implicit the moment to start PC in COPD patients. The decision to initiate PC should be rather based on the presence of refractory chronic symptoms and patients’ unmet needs and preferences. Despite the current advances, the ideal model to initiate longitudinal palliative care from the moment COPD is diagnosed, alongside the usual management of the disease and intensified care in the end-of-life stages, is a goal for clinicians trained in and capable of providing palliative care in any COPD patient.

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Effects of dignity therapy on palliative patients’ family members: A systematic review.

Objective. Dignity therapy (DT) is a kind of psychotherapy that identifies the main concerns
of end-of-life patients that affect their perception of dignity and helps them to find a new
meaning in life. Most prior studies on DT analyze outcomes for palliative care patients.
The aim of this systematic review is to explore the outcomes of DT in palliative care patients’
family members


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10 important deprescribing articles you should probably know about

Today we come to you with a special literature blog post highlighting 10 key deprescribing articles that together provide an overview of the field of deprescribing – covering the mindset of deprescribing, the complexity of and challenges related to deprescribing in clinical practice, the development and testing of deprescribing interventions, and perspectives of future deprescribing research. We believe each of these 10 articles offer important insights or findings related to deprescribing.

The list is based on careful deliberation between the two of us, after considering a number of worthy candidates. Of course, this list is based on our opinion only and we limited ourselves to 10 articles (which wasn’t easy at all!). We would love to hear your input on our list, so let us know if we have missed any important papers or topics. We will then follow up with a complete list of recommended deprescribing articles for use of all deprescribers out there!

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